Pre-Registration now available for in-person Driver’s License/ ID Card Services

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that his office has launched an online driver’s license and ID card preregistration application program to reduce the processing time of transactions at Driver Services facilities. It is a proactive approach that will save customers time during their facility visit.

Customers may go to access the preregistration application for driver’s licenses and ID cards and input specific information regarding their upcoming transaction. As a result, once the customer visits a Driver Services facility, the clerk will not have to enter all of the data like a change of address or a change of height and weight into the electronic application form because the customer has already updated the information. This will improve the efficiency of these transactions.

“This is a forward-thinking program using technology to reduce wait times at the counter and speed up transactions at Driver Services facilities,” said White. “The program is easy to use and can be accessed on a computer, iPad or smartphone.”

With preregistration, customers will be prompted to:

· Choose a license type (REAL ID or standard driver’s license/ID card);

· Choose an application type (renewal or corrected);

· Input designations (organ donor or veteran);

· Choose any corrections to be made to the information on file (examples: address, date of birth, eye color, gender, hair color, height, name, Social Security number or weight);

· Choose the type of required documentation and enter data from those documents (i.e., certified birth certificate for a REAL ID);

· Print receipt with barcode, which should be brought to the facility.

Customers using the preregistration application must still bring all of the required paperwork to the Driver Services facility for verification. In addition, they are encouraged to bring the printed preregistration receipt to the facility for the clerk to scan the barcode. However, if the customer does not bring in the receipt, the clerk can enter the customer’s driver’s license/ID card number to access the preregistration application information.

To qualify for the preregistration application process, a customer must have an Illinois driver’s license/ID card that is not suspended, canceled or revoked and has not been expired for more than one year.

As a reminder, Driver Services facilities statewide are open to serve ONLY new drivers, customers with expired driver’s licenses/ID cards and vehicle transactions through July 31. White also reiterated to the public that expiration dates for driver’s licenses/ID cards and vehicle registration stickers have been extended until Oct. 1, 2020 so customers do not need to rush into a facility.