Spain: Governor’s proposed budget stacks more burden on Illinois’ job creators

State Representative Ryan Spain reacted to the Governor’s Budget Address on Wednesday, February 17 with frustration.

“The Governor’s proposed budget does not position Illinois for the kind of economic recovery we need to dig out of our financial mess. With small and large employers taking a huge hit in the pandemic and resulting emergency shutdown orders from Pritzker, job creators are looking for opportunities to help grow us out of this mess. All they heard from the Governor today is his plans to stack more of the burden on job creators.” said Spain.

“Illinois faces out of control property taxes, population and job loss, and looming census results that will result in less federal representation for Illinois.  Therefore, we need to focus on ideas for growing our jobs and population, not repelling businesses and individuals through increased tax burdens on employers,” said Rep. Spain following the Governor’s speech on Wednesday. “State budgets are a reflection of our values and it is hard to derive from his comments today that Governor Pritzker wants employers to help grow us out of this mess.” 

“I am also deeply disappointed with the bitter partisan naming calling and finger pointing delivered by the Governor during his budget address.  I have stood with the Governor to support infrastructure investments, fair maps, and public health protocols.  For the Governor to now characterize Republican legislators in the General Assembly as carnival barkers and fear mongers is an insult to me and my colleagues.  The Governor should consider building bridges with elected officials instead of going alone to manage the state through unilateral executive orders,” Spain continued.

“Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the General Assembly to craft a balanced budget. Recent history has taught us that a balanced budget is achievable for Illinois and I will work with the Governor and fellow legislators to attempt to deliver such a budget without raising taxes and continuing the exodus of jobs and talent from our state,” said Spain.