Rep. Ryan Spain reacts to Pritzker Mask Mandate Announcement

State Representative Ryan Spain issued the following statement following Wednesday’s announcement of COVID-19 mask mandates issued by Governor JB Pritzker:

“Governor Pritzker continues to rule Illinois through Executive Orders and harmful mandates. To be a great leader, one must inspire followers, not require their obedience. The Illinois General Assembly must participate in the governance of this state and local school boards must be empowered to make the best decisions for their unique circumstances. That is why on July 1, 2021, I filed House Resolution 401 to empower local school boards to make decisions about covid protocols and masks requirements that work best for their communities. Illinois is a large and diverse state, and it is unacceptable that Governor Pritzker ignores the role of local control in our communities.

How long will the Governor’s mandate last? What metrics must be met for covid positivity or hospitalizations to conclude this mandate? How will this mandate impact efforts to improve vaccinations in Illinois? The Governor’s mandate provides more questions than answers. As a result, I call for the Illinois General Assembly to reconvene and hold votes on this Executive Order and others issued by the Governor. In addition, families should write letters to the editor, post on social media, and share their feedback regarding this Executive Order with the Office of the Governor.”

Please sign this petition here to share your views and let Governor Pritzker know that you want your voice heard. You can also reach out to the Governor’s office directly by visiting this link or calling 217-7820244.

73rd District residents can learn more about legislation sponsored by Rep. Spain during the Spring legislative session at his website at