Republican Rep. Ryan Spain files to repeal bill which led to crime wave on one-year anniversary of passage

Assistant Republican Leader Ryan Spain (73rd District) filed House Bill 4497, a bill aimed at repealing the Safe-T Act, on the one-year anniversary of the start of a continual crime wave since the bill was debated and enacted by Illinois Democrats.

“I have never seen anything more despicable than the passage of House Bill 3653 this past January,” exclaimed Rep. Spain. “The priorities of the criminal class were placed ahead of the working class and ahead of our law enforcement by Illinois Democrat lawmakers. Illinois is more dangerous than ever because of Democrats’ misplaced priorities. Across our state, in Chicago, the suburbs, and Downstate, we continue to see an unchecked rise in violent crime, and depleted law enforcement ranks who continue to be pushed aside by incumbent Democrats.  Carjackings, shootings and other senseless acts of violence have Illinois residents living in constant fear of criminals. All the while, law-abiding citizens are denied access to FOID cards through endless bureaucratic delays and our law enforcement officers do not receive the support they need from our government. It has to stop.”

More than half the state’s elected County Sheriffs have announced their exit from the profession since passage of the Safe-T Act, most citing the attacks by politicians on law enforcement. The City of Chicago’s murder rate in the highest in 25 years at 836 murders last year. The City of Peoria also hit a record number of homicides with 34 murders. A 40% increase was reported in carjackings in Chicago in 2021, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office, with similar trends seen throughout the state.

House Bill 4497 was filed by Rep. Spain to fully repeal the woke criminal justice reform measures passed by Illinois Democrats after midnight on January 13, 2021. Companion legislation, House Bill 4496, creates a public safety task force which requires strong involvement of the law enforcement community in making recommendations to allow for reasonable reforms which would not jeopardize public safety, as the Democrats have done.

“Progressive lawmakers in Illinois are scrambling to demonstrate their support of police, but the reality is that the Democrats cut the legs out of public safety in Illinois through their ham-handed punish the police bill to cater to the radical elements of their base of supporters. Hardworking Illinoisans have suffered long enough for the political gain of Democrat politicians, be they in Chicago or right here in Central Illinois,” Spain concluded.