Local Libraries

Albany Public Library, 302 S Main St., Albany, IL 61230

Atkinson Public Library , 119 W. Main St., Atkinson, IL 61235

Bradford Public Library, 111 S Peoria St., Bradford, IL 61421

Chillicothe Public Library 430 N. Bradley Avenue, Chillicothe, IL 61523

River Valley District Library, 214 S Main St., Port Byron, IL 61275

Cordova District Library, 402 Main Ave., Cordova, IL 61242

Dunlap Public Library 302 S. First Street, Dunlap, IL 61525

Erie Public Library, 802 8th Ave., Erie, IL 61250

Schmaling Memorial Public Library, 501 Tenth Ave., Fulton, IL 61252

Geneseo Public Library, 805 N Chicago St, Geneseo, IL 61254

Germantown Hills Branch-IPDL 509 Woodland Knolls Rd, Germantown Hills, IL 61548

Moore Memorial Library, 509 Main St., Hillsdale, IL 61257

Lamoille-Clarion Public Library, 81 Main St., Lamoille, IL 61330

Odell Public Library, 307 S Madison St., Morrison, IL 61270

Lillie M Evans Library District 207 N Walnut Avenue, Princeville, IL 61559

Princeton Public Library, 698 E Perus St., Princeton, IL 61356

Mason Memorial Public Library 104 W. Main Street, Buda, IL 61314

Mineral-Gold Public Library, 120 Main St., Mineral, IL 61344

Neponset Public Library 201 W. Commercial Street, Neponset, IL 61345

Ohio Public Library, 112 N Main St., Ohio, IL 61349

North Branch- PPL 3001 W. Grand Parkway, Peoria, IL 61615

Henry C. Adams Memorial Library, 209 W Third St., Prophetstown, IL 61277

Sheffield Public Library, 136 E Cook St., Sheffield, IL 61361

Spring Bay Branch-IPDL 411 Illinois Street, Spring Bay, IL 61611

Tiskilwa Public Library 119 E. Main Street, Tiskilwa, IL 61368

Walnut Public Library, 101 Heaton St., Walnut, IL 61376

Raymond A. Sapp Memorial Library 103 E Main Street, Wyanet, IL 61379

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